Top 7 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Right for You

7) You spend time together and…

 …spend time apart, doing things you love.  If you both enjoy the same things, you’re likely a good match. Additionally, if you both can spend time apart comfortably doing things with friends without guilt or resentment, that’s a good sign you’re in a healthy, stable relationship. Maintaining your own identity by not giving up doing the things you love as you grow together are critical to maintaining a robust relationship.

6) You fight with respect

No relationship is perfect.  There will be arguments and disagreements.  However, both parties should never hit below the belt.  You should never feel betrayed or feel like your partner does not have your back.  Arguments should not be about being right or fighting to win.  They should be about coming to a resolution and a meeting of the minds you both can agree on. I once had a boyfriend who had quite a temper. I thought it was cute in the beginning but it quickly got out of hand within the first few months. The cute factor waned immediately I learned he had real trouble controlling his anger. Thankfully, I broke that off before it ever got physical.  If there is ever a time you are concerned about your safety, know that is a huge red flag; a relationship you must get out of ASAP. Arguments should be opportunities to learn about how your partner thinks so you can grow together. You should never fear for your safety in a relationship.

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5) You enjoy doing nothing together

You don’t feel a need to go on an expensive date. You don’t feel like you need to buy things for each other just to impress each other.  If you both are comfortable relaxing at home and watching a movie together or taking a walk together without saying a word to each other, you’re most likely just right for each other. I knew my husband was right for me before we married when we could just relax on the couch and watch TV contentedly without running around town trying to impress each other.

4) You have the same goals

Do you both want kids? Do you both share similar financial goals?  You don’t have to be in the same profession; your professions can complement each other. However, partners who share a similar vision are more compatible and have a more fulfilling relationship than those that don’t. Have discussions about what you both want in life.  If you find you both have similar dreams and aspirations, there’s a good chance you’re meant for each other.


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3) You don’t…

…feel you are inferior. Or superior for that matter.  You don’t hide any secrets that could destroy the relationship.  You don’t hide the relationship from important people in your life. You don’t resent the other person’s success or potential for success. You don’t challenge each other on personal issues in front of others. You don’t berate each other to others or in front of others. You don’t feel like you would be afraid to be alone if you partner were ever to leave you.You don’t feel like you need more than your partner has to offer.

2) You know who you are and…

… what you want out of life. And your partner fully supports your goals, without hesitation. An ideal partner for you will only express concern for your goals if they sense they fall short of your potential.  Your ideal partner should also share your same ambitious spirit to make their life better as well.  You both should be striving to grow in life together, supporting each other along the way.


1) Your gut says “It’s a go”

The old adage”trust your instincts” rings true. I’ve always found that my gut instinct was always right when it came to relationships. I only got into trouble when I ignored my first instincts about a partner and had to deal with the aftermath as a result. Experience is learning how to listen to your gut the first time around. What does your gut tell you about this person? Instinct was given to you for a reason. Don’t ignore it.


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