Top 7 ways to save on your grocery bill

ways to save on your grocery bill -receipt

7) Watch the cash register

I can’t tell you how many times I notice an overcharge just by watching the activity at the cash register.  When you get to the checkout counter the temptation is to become distracted with preparing your items for scanning. Don’t do it.  Instead, focus on how much you’re being charged for items. As you’re walking out, recheck your receipt to make sure you’ve not been double-charged, especially when you’ve purchased a lot. By doing this small due diligence you could end up recouping a substantial amount of your hard-earned cash that shouldn’t have been charged in the first place.


ways to save on your grocery bill - herbs


6) Plant a herb garden

If you enjoy adding herbs to almost every meal this might be one for you. I like to use fresh rosemary in my omelette, fresh thyme or basil in my stews, sage, bay leaf for my turkey, mint for tea etc.  I discovered I was easily spending hundreds of dollars a year just on herbs alone.  To save money I bought herb plants, rallied up the kids and planted it together in the backyard.  It was great fun for the kids who love to water them and watch them grow. If you don’t have outside space, start a kitchen herb garden. Buy already potted herbs and place them in a sunny but not too hot spot near a window where they’ll get at least 4 hours of sun daily. You’ll save hundreds a year.


ways to save on your grocery bill - salad


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5) Eat less meat

Depending on your family size, meat can easily add up to 50-60% of a grocery bill. Have a weekly “Meatless Monday” or “Veggie Friday”; one day a week where you don’t eat meat. Eliminating meat just once or twice a week can decrease your grocery bill by 30-60% or more. In addition to saving money, eating less meat can help lower your  risk for cardiovascular disease by lowering your intake of artery clogging cholesterol and animal fats.


ways to save on your grocery bill -produce


4) Shop produce locally & in season

If possible buy local produce as they are cheaper and give more options. Additionally, fruits and vegetables tend to be fresher and therefore healthier when bought in season.


ways to save on your grocery bill - market

3) Be willing to substitute

Are there cheaper, possibly healthier options you can substitute your more expensive foods for? Check out “Top 7 ways to replace carbs in your diet” or  “10 Vegetables That Can Substitute for Meat” for more tips.  Taking advantage of cheaper options could save you thousands each year.

Check out “Top 7 biggest ways you are wasting money”


ways to save on your grocery bill - cream cheese


2) Shop generic

In general, the core ingredients in generic, or store-brand products, are mostly the same as in brand-named products.  In many consumer tests, consumers can’t even tell the difference. Identify which items you and your family prefer brand-name items for e.g. my kids prefer certain brand-name cereals but use generic paper towels, sugar and flour. Splurge on items which your family prefers brand-name options. For the rest, save money by sticking with the generic store brand.


ways to save on your grocery bill - hand


1) Shop less often & have a list

Every time you step into a grocery store, whether you are conscious of it or not, the store is constantly marketing to you. It’s rare to walk out of a grocery store without buying extra things you didn’t plan on in the first place. Having a list before hand and planning to go only when you need to can help cut unnecessary spending. I tend to have an ongoing grocery list on a notepad app on my cell phone that I add to as things come up.  I then go grocery shopping when the commonly used perishable items finish like eggs, bread, veggies, etc.  I cook in bulk on the weekends and freeze soups and stews that can be used during the week. With this method, I average going to the grocery store no more than twice a month.

How do you save money on your grocery bill?  Share below!

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