rediscover the lost champion in you

Top 7 ways to restore the lost champion in you

7) Rediscover your “Who”

Finding out you’re not as “good” as you used to be? Recovering from a failed relationship? In a slump with your business? Taking a minute to rediscover who you are will make a world of difference. Who are you? List 5 things you excel at.  List 5 successes in your life you are proud of.  List 3 major life hardships you were able to overcome.  List 5 ways you will change the world with your existence. Taking the time to refocus on who you are and what makes you special will reignite your fire and open the door to rediscover your inner champion.


6) Rediscover your “Why”

Once you rediscover your “Who”, it’ll be easier to rediscover your”Why”.  Why do you exist? Why are you so good at your talent (whether is be sports, business, etc).  Why are you facing the challenges you’re facing? Allowing yourself to discover your “Why” will allow much-needed introspection and personal growth.  It will expose strengths you can build upon and weaknesses you need to work on.

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5) Celebrate small victories

Abandon negative thinking. Focus on the positive, no matter how small. Even tiny steps forward are a step in the right direction. Place value on small victories and use that to keep motivated. Build momentum with these victories.  No one else will get excited with your small successes if you don’t.



4) Stick with it, no matter what

It’s ok to take a break if you need a break.  Some need a longer break than others.  But always plan to come back and refocus. As long as you plan to come back and refocus and are not diverted during your break by other distractions you’ll return to your task renewed and ready to take on the world.


3) Learn from your mistakes

Keep trying new things.  When you fall, learn to get right back up and keep going. If your attempt fails the first time around, try again until you win.  A winner is born not from getting it right the first time.  A true winner has mastered the art of learning from their mistakes.

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2) Be ready for the challenge

No one said getting out of a slump would be easy.  In fact, some people never recover from them.  What you should know when you’re in a slump is to get out of it will only be as challenging as you make it.  Only you control your destiny. Others will control your destiny if you allow them.  Make up your mind to dig yourself out of your hole and emerge into your reality, with fire, like the phoenix you are.



1) Above all, accept yourself

No one is perfect. Including you.  This should be ok with you.  Be kind to yourself. Let go of the need to be loved by everyone else.   If things are hard, don’t take it personally.  Try to learn the lessons the experience is trying to teach you.  But never discredit who you are.  There’s only one you and you were made for a reason. Only you can accomplish that reason. So treat yourself with dignity and grace always. You deserve it!

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