Top 7 ways to lose weight if you hate exercise

7) Plan every meal at the start of the day

The saying is true; if you have a task, especially if you write it down, you are more likely to carry out that task. The same goes for meal planning. If you plan out healthy, low carb, meals and healthy snacks at the start of the day you’re more likely to stick with it. Planning out your meals daily is an excellent strategy especially if you are busy and hate exercise.
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6) Drink a full glass of water before each meal  

In addition to all the remarkable benefits of staying hydrated, this strategy works in 2 ways. For one, hunger pangs can present as thirst, which is usually fully relieved after a glass of water. Secondly, water fills the stomach before a meal leaving less space for caloric food. Your full stomach will signal your brain that you are less hungry which will translate into eating less. Sipping water in-between each bite while eating works in the same way.
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5) Chew each bite at least 30 times  

Your grandmother was right. Taking time to chew your food slows your consumption time down so your brain has time to receive the signals you are full making it less likely for you to overeat. Chewing longer also makes your food easier to digest for the rest of your body. Setting utensils down in between each bite followed by a sip of water also works.
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4) Don’t starve yourself  

Starving yourself slows your metabolism making it harder for you to lose weight. When you do eat, your body’s “feast or famine” response will kick into full gear making you more likely to overeat, store fat and regain any weight you might have lost as a result. No one enjoys being hungry and cranky all the time anyways!
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3) Load up on veggies and protein

Focus on the low-carb vegetables you like leafy greens. Proteins like fish and egg whites can help curb your appetite.
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2) Avoid hidden carbs  

This is a big one. Foods like “health bars”, some beans, fruit shakes, sodas, sugar loaded coffee drinks are all mostly loaded with calories. Non-fat foods are also a big culprit as they tend to replace the fat with loads of sugar. You don’t necessarily need to cut out carbs all together since your body does need some. Just aim to keep it to a minimum and seek out replacement options.
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1) Have a set time daily you stop eating  

If there is only 1 thing you pick to do out of this list, this should be the one. 6pm or 7pm daily are good choices. Once your body has burned the 7pm meal (which is hopefully a light one) the rest of the night it will start burning stored energy (fat) while you sleep; a great way to lose weight without much effort. Additionally, try to wait at least 3 hours after a meal before going to bed. If you stop eating at 7pm and don’t eat breakfast until after 7am, that’s at least a 12 hour fast every day which will work wonders for your waistline!

Hate exercise and have tips that work for you? Please share them!

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