Top 7 Ways to Burn Calories Without a Sweat

Top 7 Ways to Burn Calories Without a Sweat


7) Just…Laugh

When you laugh, you burn calories by raising your heart rate by about 10 to 20 percent. Raising your heart rate increases your metabolism, which will keep your body burning those calories even after you stop laughing. According to Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s research, a good laugh lasting 10 or 15 minutes can burn between 10 and 40 calories! A caveat: to lose a pound, you’d have to laugh for 12 hours! Don’t laugh! 🙂 Every bit helps! In fact, laughter has other benefits. It can improve your quality of life and helps to fight disease. Research at Johns Hopkins Medical School also found that classroom humor actually improved test scores. So, what are you waiting for? Start laughing!




6) Eat negative calorie foods

These are foods that burn more calories to digest them than they contain.  They tend to be rich in water, protein, vitamins and minerals.  Examples include watermelon, lettuce, yogurt, tomato, chicken broth, oranges, apples and cucumbers. Try to fill up on these foods if you are really hungry as an appetizer before introducing the calorie-dense meal.

5) Act like a kid

Ever notice how kids run instead of walk everywhere? The idea of a fun time for a 5-year-old is running up and down the park, jumping around, skipping to the store, playing “catch” or “hide and go seek”, riding their bike and doing just about anything else that gets their heart going.  Find your inner 5-year-old and set him/her free. If you have young kids, play with them and follow their lead. You’ll be young at heart, happier and look good too!


 drinking water

4) Drink more water

Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration. Dehydration can cause a drop in your metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate drops, you burn fewer calories at rest.  A recent German study found that drinking water during the day caused a 30% increase in your metabolic rate.  Also, many times we eat because we think we are hungry when in fact we are just thirsty and dehydrated. Try drinking at least 8 cups of water each day. When we wake up in the mornings, we tend to be dehydrated, whether we feel that way or not. Start your day off with a glass of water. Get in the habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal.  You’ll eat less. As a bonus, drinking eight glasses of cold water can burn up to 70 calories per day!


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3) Live like you’re in the 1920s

Pick a day where you pretend there’s no elevators, escalators, fast cars, smartphones or online shopping. Take the stairs. Opt to walk or bike to the store or to work or school instead of drive. Park far away in a parking lot instead of close to the entrance.  Walk over to your neighbor’s house to chat instead of texting  them. Save some money and wash your car yourself instead of going to the car wash. Go window shopping instead of shopping online. Look for ways you can mix in more activity into your day just doing the things you normally do.  Before you know it, you’ll be burning more calories just by living your life (the way we were meant to burn calories)  instead of trying to find time to go to the gym. Check out “Top 7 fitness tips for a busy schedule” for more tips!


2) Sleep more

Did you know that not getting enough sleep slows down your metabolism? When you are sleeping, you are not eating.  Hence, you’ll be burning calories  without replacing them which is a great way to lose weight without breaking a sweat.  If you stop eating for the day at 7pm and have breakfast after 7am, you’ll have a daily 12 hour fast which can work wonders for your waistline.  Also, getting adequate rest can help reduce your stress hormones like cortisol that trigger hunger and make you put on weight, especially around your waistline. Shoot for seven to nine hours of sleep a night for good weight management.


1) Cut out the carbs

Shoot for low-carb (like egg whites, fish, chicken, vegetable soups) and high fiber foods (like almonds, oatmeal, prunes, vegetables).  These will keep you full longer and keep the pounds off. Low carb, low sugar diet will also prevent those midday sugar dips that cause you fatigue and hunger for more high carb foods. Try to eat multiple smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals. If you’re like me, cutting carbs can be hard at first but give yourself a couple of days on a low-carb diet and your body will quickly adjust. You’ll find that your cravings for sugary foods will drop dramatically.  And so will the pounds!

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