rich people think differently

Top 7 ways rich people think differently than the average person

7) They’re idea generators

Rich people know that money is a slave to an idea. Money gravitates towards ideas, so to attract money the rich think of ideas. Ideas rule the world. An average person thinks of money first before an idea. The rich people think differently by first getting ideas and the money will follow. For some this skill of idea generation does not come easily.  Some have to train themselves to become idea generators. Wealth creation starts with an idea. And then taking the time to implement it.



6) They think big

Thinking big is a key to wealth creation. Rich people think about meeting the needs of the country and the world at large while the average person thinks of the small street by the corner. There is no law against thinking big. Thinking big opens your mind to possibilities. Rich people think differently; they believe that the lesser is included in the greater. So they aim for the greater and bigger. Rich people thinnk of expanding their businesses in several states and countries. An average person only targets his/her local community. Several books are available to guide in thinking big.

rich people think differently


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5) They focus on assets

A wealthy man understands the distinct difference between assets and liabilities. Average people dwell more on liability; they work hard to acquire liabilities instead of assets. Rich people think differently by going for assets which will yield more money. This is why the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Knowing the difference between assets and liabilities is a key to financial freedom. The rich know that money is more valuable in assets and equities and not sitting dormant in the bank. Top 7 biggest ways you are wasting money will enlighten you more about this.

rich people think differently


4) They use creative thinking to earn money

Many average people believe that money is made through hard labour and time. Meanwhile, rich people think differently. They believe that money is made through thoughts. The average man believes that money earned is directly proportional to the time and labor spent. So many average people work overtime and extra hours to earn a penny. In the real sense, money earned is not directly equal to the hours and labor put in. The rich know this fact so they believe more in creative thinking instead of hard labour. People who earn the highest digits are creative thinkers that solve problems with their minds and thoughts.

rich people think differently


3) They think long-term

Rich people always think long-term in business and investment decisions. Meanwhile, the average man thinks immediate gain and short-term. This is why the rich invest in stocks, bonds, and shares that yield long-term profit. Also, this ensures posterity as it can be handed down to the next generation. The average man thinks of now and considers little about the future. This is one of the major ways in which rich people think differently from the average person. Rich people look for ways to invest any little money they have in assets and equities which increase in value over time. To them it’s better than lumping your money in a savings account.



rich people think differently


2) They use money as a tool

Rich people see money as a tool to allow them buy a more valuable asset which is their time.  So they put their money to work. An average person thinks that money is a means of exchange to pay for things they want. The average people works hard to earn more to buy a house or car or latest smartphone. Rich people think differently by believing that money is a tool to get more money. In addition, instead of buying liabilities, rich people put their money to work by buying assets which will produce more money.


1) They focus on solving problems more than money

A problem will always gravitate towards its solution. This is a law of nature. Rich people think differently from an average person by providing solutions to the problems of the world. Rich people think of ideas and ways to meet the need of people. By doing this, they get a monetary reward which is only a compensation for their effort and service rendered. Rich people look out for a need and think of ways to meet it. This is the reason rich people believe making money is easy and an average person thinks the rich are luckier and smarter. This is one of the Top 7 habits of self-made millionaires.

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