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Top 7 ways to avoid overeating when dining out

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7) Order a kids size meal

This works well to help you avoid overeating when dining out. Especially if you are craving high-fat options like chicken nuggets or french fries.  Instead of getting the super-sized options, opt for the smaller kids meal. If you prefer an adult size, tell your waiter to bring half of your meal and put the rest in a to-go box. Plus your kids might fully enjoy seeing you order off the kids menu just like they do!


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6) Order 2 appetizers instead of an appetizer and entrée

Most waiters try to be polite by asking the woman for her order first.  I take advantage of this and order a healthy, light meal before I may have a chance to be possibly swayed by other not-so-healthy orders.  If the restaurant tends to have large entrées, order 2 small appetizers instead.  Or split an entrée with someone else. Research shows people enjoy the first bite more than any other.  Eat the most appetizing thing on your plate first.  As you fill up, it’ll be easier to walk away from the rest if you’ve already had your best bite.


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5) Skip the free bread

This is the worst.  It always comes in the beginning when we’re all hungry and waiting for the real meal. This one’s hardest for me when they bring the bread warm and soft with warm butter! If your waiter brings a bread basket before dinner politely ask them to take it back. If others around are descending on the bread, order a light drink and distract yourself by making conversation until the meal arrives. Doing so can save you an extra 200-500 calories or more.


avoid overeating when dining out dinner


4) Plan to share

If you are craving a high-calorie appetizer or dessert, order to share it and plan to take only a few bites. This is a great option because it allows you a taste of some of the more decadent options on the menu without the guilt of having to finish it all yourself.


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3) Watch your drinks

One could very easily take in a whole meals worth of calories just on drinks, depending on what your order.  Try to avoid the high calorie mixed drinks, alcohol, juice or soda.  Instead go for sparkling water, seltzer water or just ice water. If you must get a drink opt for a smaller size.  And skip the free refills. Seek out lower calorie options. Many places also offer “skinny” variations of mixed drinks with fewer calories.  Always have a glass of water handy.  Have a full glass of water before your meal and sip on water in between bites to fill up.


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2) Ask your waiter for substitution options

Can they offer slices of steak tomatoes or steamed veggies instead of french fries or hash browns?  Can you get a side of sautéed spinach instead of mashed potatoes with your steak? What of lettuce pieces instead of hamburger buns for your burger?  Maybe  instead of drenching your salad with dressing, have them put your salad dressing on the side.  Many places are happy to sub healthier options if you just ask.


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1) Never go to a restaurant hungry

The idea of starving yourself all day in anticipation of dinner at a restaurant in the evening is a bad one.  It’s most surely a recipe for overeating.  Instead, eat a little before you go.  Fill up on healthful water-filled foods like watermelon or celery ahead of time. You’ll feel more comfortable and in control of what you order at the restaurant. And you’ll likely end up with a cheaper bill too!

Share tips that help you avoid overeating when dining out!


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