People Who Stay Naturally Slim

Top 7 Types of People Who Stay Naturally Slim

7) The “Wild and Free” type

These fearless ones eat just about anything they want, anytime they want. Their secret is portion control. If they crave a piece of cake, they have 1-2 spoonfuls to take the edge off instead of eating the whole slice.  They splurge on just 2-3 teaspoons of ice cream instead of a whole bowl full.  They’ll have just a couple of bites of candy instead of the entire bar. This lucky group has trained themselves to satisfy their cravings with just a bite or 2 and save their larger meals for non- fattening options.   They rarely binge on bad foods because they don’t deny themselves in the first place. This pays off big time by keeping extra calories at bay.

People Who Stay Naturally Slim

6) The “Frequent Fasters” type

This disciplined group eats just about anything they want during certain hours of the day. Then after a set time they stop eating for at least 10-12 hours a day; sometimes up to 15 hours. Typically they eat during the day when the body’s metabolism is high. Then, at sometime around 6-8pm they stop eating until the next day. No late night refrigerator runs for this group.  The timing of these fasts pay off because at night the body tends to burn calories naturally while you sleep.  This tendency coupled with their fasting equals a golden recipe that works wonders for their waistline.

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5) The “Activity Gurus” type

This high-energy group exercises EVERY SINGLE DAY. They love hanging out at the gym. They have a natural tendency to get active any chance they get.  They like to walk everywhere instead of drive.  They take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. They feel very uncomfortable if they go a whole day without some form of aerobic activity. They run to 5K or 10K races every couple of weeks for fun. They rarely eat heavy meals because they’re always active.  And if they do, instead of storing the calories as fat by taking a nap afterwards, they venture outdoors in search of some calorie-burning activity.  As a result, they have a naturally high metabolism that allows them to burn calories even when at rest.

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People Who Stay Naturally Slim

4) The “Laid-Back Relaxers” type

This group is never bothered by anything. They have a healthy, relaxed state of mind always. They meditate in the morning and when they’re in a stressful situation. They love yoga. They are very positive, optimistic group. They see the world through a glass half-full instead of half empty. They are rarely stressed out. They get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.  They’re in a “Rest and Digest” mode most of the time instead of a “Fight or Flight” mode. As a result, they rarely engage in stress eating triggered by a high cortisol level.  This group rarely eats alone. They love to eat with others as a part of spending time and catching up. They tend to find joy in sharing their desserts instead of eating it all themselves. No matter what’s happening, life is always good for this optimistic group. And they have the naturally slim profile to show for it.



3) The “Steady Grazers” type

This group is constantly munching on something healthy all day long. They are mostly happy and active because they are almost never hungry.  They rarely eat a large meal. When they do, they eat slowly, spreading their meal over an hour or two. As a result, in addition to keeping their fat-burning metabolism high, they are rarely hungry and rarely find themselves overeating or splurging on junk food.

2) The “Health Nuts” type

This lucky groups stays thin because they’ve trained themselves to crave mostly healthy, high fiber, low-carb foods like nuts, fruits, veggies and lean meats.  They eat like cavemen. Their focus on keeping mostly healthy foods, fruits and veggies close by and unhealthy snacks and sweets at bay, keeps them naturally slim. They rarely crave junk food.  They may have a pastry once in a while but they’ve weaned their bodies off them and rarely suffer from sugar cravings.


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1) The “Ernest Toddlers” type

Like 2-3-year-old toddlers, this group is very much in tune with their natural hunger cues. They eat only when they are hungry. Their meals are typically 3 small, square meals a day with 2 healthy snacks. Their meals are never larger than the size of their fist.  Even though they have a strict feeding time, they will not eat if they are not hungry. And they may eat a bit more if they are not full or are really hungry. Like toddlers, they merge exercise naturally into their life through play or activities they find fun. They’ll never go to the gym to work out if it’s not fun for them. They would rather be active by learning a new sport instead of walking on the treadmill. They’ll join a tennis group, a running or bike riding team or go bowling with friends on a Friday night.

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