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Top 7 Top Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Never Ignore

 7) A Dark Past

You need to know the history of your partner. Past history of abuse, cheating, and criminal activity are relationship deal breakers. These are red flags you must not ignore. For your safety and happiness get to know their history. Seek necessary corrective solutions where possible. Don’t get stuck and entangled in a problematic relationship because of a dark past.

relationship deal breakers

6) Irresponsibility

Are you concerned your partner is unreliable, especially when it comes to critical aspects of your relationship?  A partner should be mature enough to take responsibility for his/her actions. Irresponsibility and immaturity are relationship deal breakers. Don’t spend your time and energy trying to manage such a partner. If you start now, you may lock yourself into this pattern and have to do it for the rest of your life. Look for a responsible partner you can have a long-term relationship with; one who’s in it with you for the long haul. For more tips on finding your perfect long-term partner, check out   Top 7 Secrets to Long-Term Relationship Success.


5) Mistrust

Long, happy relationships are built on trust, honesty and integrity. If you are completely open and honest with your partner, you should expect the same. If you suspect your partner is not being truthful with you, attempt to discuss it in a non-confrontational way. Be open with each other and discuss any concerns early so they don’t fester into full-blown arguments later on.

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Relationship Deal Breakers

4) Controlling Behavior

You cannot enjoy a relationship with a partner that monitors and limits your relationship with friends, family or places you go. There ought to be a level of trust from mutual respect that prevents this. Your relationship should improve your life. You should not have to feel like a prisoner in your own skin. A partner who instructs you on how to dress, what to eat, where to go and even friends to keep is a red flag. The minute you notice these traits, don’t let them sink their claws in. Run fast and far!


3) Excessive Jealousy

Your partner should have a healthy concern for your activities and maybe even a playful desire for your attention. But if you begin to feel bad or guilty every time you have a conversation with someone of the opposite sex, this may be a red flag that you may be approaching a potential relationship deal breaker.  Additionally, watch out if your partner does not support your endeavors because you sense they are jealous of your success. Jealousy of your relationships with others and your personal successes are major relationship deal breakers which if identified early will save you major heart ache in the long run. For more tips on finding the right supportive partner, check out Top 7 Tips To Finding Your True Love.

Relationship Deal Breakers

2) Chronic Lies

Excessive lies are relationship deal breakers you should never ignore. Keep a standard of truth in your relationship. Don’t tolerate lies of any sort.  If you allow lies in your relationship in the beginning you’ll set a foundation that not being truthful is ok for you.  Don’t set the wrong foundation. Nip lies of any sort in the bud at the start before it becomes an issue.


1) Abusive Behavior

Occasional arguments are par for the course in any relationship.  But these arguments should be healthy. As in, they should be disagreements that do not end in one party feeling completely belittled or abused in any way.  Keep an eye out for emotional, verbal, psychological, physical, sexual and financial abuse in your relationship which are all relationship deal beakers. Be wary of a partner that morphs into a monster during a simple argument. It’s a sign of disrespect and immaturity. Acknowledge the signs and walk away. For more tips on finding out if your partner is right for you, check out  Top 7 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Right For You.
If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship find out more on how to get help at these sites:

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