Top 7 Things Every Prosperous, Single Man Looks For in a Woman

7) Knowing your self-worth

No man will place value on you if you don’t place value on yourself.  Prosperous and successful men are attracted to confident women. This is not arrogance, but confidence. There’s a subtle difference.  They are drawn to women who are aware of their physical, mental or emotional shortcomings but are still confident about who they are and what they have to offer. Confidence can be demonstrated in posture also. Studies show that smart men are attracted to women who sit up straight, make eye contact and don’t slouch, all of which are markers of self-confidence.

Single Man is Looking For in a Woman


6) Minimal baggage

Successful men tend to be busy, likely tackling the pressures of running a successful, busy life.  They are already bogged down with so much pressure and stress.  The last thing they need is a woman with her own personal, emotional baggage and drama. Whenever you are with him, try to make things light, comfortable and fun. He’ll associate you with relaxation and happiness which is a win-win for you both.

5) Sexy, yes! Slutty, no!

Unlike women, men are very simple. There are 2 types of women in a man’s mind.  A warm, caring, elegant woman who is sexy in her self-confidence versus an insecure woman who finds the needs to expose all her assets to all comers. Prosperous men know how to quickly find value in things and people. This includes women.  A smart man will want a woman who knows the subtle art of linking her sex appeal to her loving, caring, honest, confident spirit. He knows a sexy woman, regardless of what is happening to or around her, is always comfortable in her own skin. In his eyes, this is true sex appeal. For more, check out  Top 7 Secrets That Make a Man Fall Deeply in Love.

Single Man is Looking For in a Woman

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4) A partner in crime

A prosperous man has gotten to where he is with a lot of hard work and perseverance. He’ll be more than likely attracted to a woman who has the same convictions and ideas on hard work and perseverance. He won’t be looking for a servant; he can hire one easily. He’ll be looking for a partner, someone who he can share ideas with and who’s willing to stay the course with him, through thick and thin. If a woman has her own business or is successful in her own right, a prosperous,confident man will not be intimidated by her success but instead will find ways to tie in her dreams with his so they can work together to achieve greatness. For more, check out  Top 7 Secrets of Power Couples Who Stay Together.

3) Intelligence and education

Since most succesful men have some form of education, they are attracted to women who value intelligence and education. They don’t have to have gone to the best colleges in the world.  In fact, some may not have gone to college at all or even dropped out. It’s not the ritzy college name he’ll be attracted to but the value a woman places on self-education and personal growth.  Does she read books? Is she constantly learning new skills? Is she always looking for ways to solve problems? Prosperous, smart men are not only attracted to women with these skills as life partners but also as the possible mother of their future children.  A mother who values self-education and personal growth will be able to instill these critical life values in their future offspring.

Single Man is Looking For in a Woman


2) Honesty 

Smart prosperous men are attracted to women who are honest.  Even when it doesn’t make them look good. These men know hard times will come. And if they know their woman will always be honest with them, tell them the truth and always have their back, this is worth more than gold to them. For more, check out Top 7 Ways to Tell If Your Partner is Right for You. 

1) No Nonsense

A smart, prosperous man will likely be surrounded by lots of people who’ll be telling him what he wants to hear. The more successful he becomes, the harder it will be for him to find people who will reprimand him when he needs it.   He will reach a personal growth plateau unless he finds a woman who’ll be willing to have a no-nonsense approach to addressing him if he is heading in a self-destructive path. This is not nagging. This is a healthy rebuke when he is doing something that will cost him financially, emotionally, personally or even spiritually.  Be the voice that reprimands him when he needs it in a kind but no-nonsense way. He will value this trait more and more with every day he spends with you.

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