Top 7 Secrets to Running a Successful Business with Your Spouse

7) Learn together

The process of building a successful business requires constant self-education and personal growth. Reading e-books, going to professional conferences and other attempts at self-growth will trigger exponential success in your business.  Engage in these activities together.  If you’re reading an e-book on sales and marketing for the business, invite your spouse to read along with you.  If you’ve completed a great course or e-book that provided helpful suggestions to help grow the business, recommend your spouse read that e-book or take that course.  You’ll find that the simple act of educating yourselves together will allow you to be on the same page when solving problems, creating solutions and developing goals for the business.  You’ll be less likely to argue or fight about an idea if you both read about it together from an expert suggestion in an e-book. Learning together will allow you to grow together not just as business partners but also as a married power couple. Check out “Top 7 Secrets of Power Couples Who Stay Together.”


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6) Compliment each other

If your spouse does something fantastic to build the business that you are not able to do, compliment them. Be verbal and frequent with your compliments. Appreciate the contributions of your partner. In private, give them a deep, loving kiss or whisper sweet words telling them how wonderful they are. Like any other employee, your spouse needs to feel like their efforts matter and are making a difference in the business. Positive reinforcement through compliments and showing signs of your love will encourage and empower them to work harder for the empire you are building together. Providing a steady stream of compliments will also allow room for you to offer constructive criticism when necessary since your spouse will know that you are not just one-sided in your comments. They will be more open to change if they know you praise them when they do well and offer constructive criticism to help them improve when they need to as well.


 successful business with your spouse

5) Divide the work…

… in a way that works best for your marriage dynamic. Be honest about this dynamic and use it to build your business.  Is one of you more dominant than the other? If this dynamic is working well for your marriage, allow it to blend into your business relationship as well. Are you both happier when there is equal division of labour? Is one spouse better at managing the finances and the other better at the artistic or creative portions of the business?  Use your natural strengths, tendencies and relationship dynamics to build the business together.  Trying to create a dominant/submissive dynamic in your business relationship when you both work better as equal partners in your marriage will create unnecessary conflict in your business relationship that will spill into your marital relationship.  Having clearly defined roles will prevent you both from stepping on each other’s toes. Your marriage and business relationship is unique for you both. There is no set way it should be.  It does not have to be like anyone elses’.  Only you both can control this dynamic.  Its success or failure is in your hands.

 successful business with your spouse

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4) Work hard and…

…play hard!  When you run a business together with your spouse it can be challenging and sometimes impossible to separate business and family time.  I find that due to time constraints sometimes it’s just easier to discuss business decisions as we are making dinner together or taking a shower in the morning.  This works well for our relationship.  However, we do try to have at least a few times a year where we take a week or two off to regenerate and recoup.  I’ve found that taking some vacation time away from the business allows us to reignite our relationship, clear our minds and get creative with new ideas to grow the business and strengthen our family. If you’re not able to get away, having frequent date nights or a staycation where you can have fun together without discussing business can work just as well. Check out “Top 7 Secrets to the Perfect Family at Home Vacation”.

 successful business with your spouse

3) Separate or joint accounts? That is the question!

Set money rules before hand. Money matters are the #1 reason for marital arguments and divorce.  Money matters can be further magnified if you have to run a business together. Being proactive about dealing with money matters before they become a problem is key to preventing financial disagreements. Make financial plans ahead of time. How will you both get paid?  How will the staff get paid? How much? Will there be just one of you managing the finances or will both of you have an equal say? Will you have separate or joint bank accounts? Taking time to answer these questions ahead of time will save you a lot of heart ache later on.

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successful business with your spouse

2) A Little Foreplay Can Go a Long Way…

…if you use it wisely. No matter how hard you try, you both will inevitably encounter an argument or two over the course of running the business. Be ready to forgive.  Create a conflict resolution strategy that works for you both. Unlike when you work with a colleague you’re not married to, as a married couple you have the benefit of knowing which buttons to push to calm or escalate a situation.  Take advantage of this knowledge. Make it work for you both!  For example, if you get into an argument over the business and you know your spouse’ heart will melt if you get them a bouquet of roses or cook their favorite soup or engage in their favorite foreplay, do that for them. There is no other working relationship where this is allowed except for a married one.  Take full advantage of it! Utilizing this tip will increase the attraction between you both as you build your empire together.

1) Learn to Listen

This point is a short but powerful one. In any marital relationship both parties want to feel heard. This is true for business relationships as well.  In a business relationship involving a married couple, learning to listen to the other party is even more critical to your success.  I’ve had to learn how to stop talking and listen, even when I don’t want to and when I feel very strongly about my point.  When you give your partner the gift of listening to their concerns and recommendations, they will be more likely to hear you out when you present yours.  Have rules of healthy communication in your relationship.  Do not tolerate cursing or belittle each other in your discussions. Always speak to your spouse with the same respect you would want them to address you with. Give each other some space when there is an argument. Take up the issue when you both have cooled down. Learn to agree to disagree if you can’t reach a common ground.  Effective listening to your spouse as a lover and business partner is a small but critical component to building a successful business empire together.

Need more tips or have some to share? Check out our Love and Relationships Forum!

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