Top 7 Secrets to Keep Your Marriage Fresh and Exciting

7) Take a break…

…together. The daily grind of work, managing the home and kids can take its toll. Get on each other’s schedule. Plan a date night, or a weekend getaway. If funds are tight, plan a staycation. Check out “Top 7 secrets to the perfect family at home vacation”. Even if its meeting up for a spontaneous lunch date during the day.
Do something you fantasize happening to you. If you fantasize about coming home to a bubble bath with rose petals and champagne, do that for your spouse.  If you wish your spouse would surprise you with a gift or a getaway weekend, organize it yourself.  You’ll teach your spouse your love language while keeping things exciting and fresh. Break your routines. Make time to do fun things together. Look for ways to sneak in time to appreciate your significant other.  Often, the spontaneity and break in routine can be just the spark to ignite the fire again.


Top 7 secrets to keep your marriage fresh and exciting

6) Flirt like teenagers

Call your spouse during the day just to see how he/she’s doing. Show appreciation for the not-so-obvious things. i.e. things that would only be noticed if they were not done. You could make it flirtatious and fun too. Say “Your butt looks incredible when you do the dishes!” or “I love it when you make that soup! No one makes it quite like you do!” or “I can’t imagine having a more sexy mother of my children.” Worst case scenario you both will have a good laugh, which can also go a long way in keeping things fresh and exciting.


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5) Try Something new together

Take a chinese cooking class or snorkeling class together. Enroll in a dancing or tennis class together.  Think of something neither one of you has done before and try learning it together.  It’ll be a great time and you’ll both pick up a new skill together as your love blossoms.




4) Write your spouse a love letter and…

…send it via snail mail. There’s something really romantic about getting a love letter the old-fashioned way. Email, text messaging and social media can take the mystery out of a lot of things.  Get some old-fashioned stationary. Write your spouse a letter expressing your love and appreciation and anything else you’d share if you were still teenagers in love. Seal it with a kiss and send it through the mail. It doesn’t matter if you live in the same house. The fact that you live together and still bothered to send a letter will speak volumes to your efforts. Your spouse receiving such an unexpected surprise will be enough to re-ignite the sparks.



3) Give each other a whole body massage…

…while naked! Most couples are just so exhausted from the trials of managing work, kids and life that by the end of the day, they’re completely exhausted with very little energy, or desire for that matter, to do anything else but sleep like a log.  On a day you both have off, get the kids a babysitter. Put on some calm music, light some candles, get some fragranced massage oil and give each other a whole body massage in the buff! Venture into body parts you’d normally avoid.  You’ll both have a chance to tease and explore each other’s bodies like newlyweds.  How’s that for keeping the fire going!

Keeping your marriage exciting and fresh


2) Have an affair…

…with your spouse! Having an affair with your mate can re-ignite feelings of excitement and closeness. So send each other sexy messages. Role play and meet up at a bar and pretend you don’t know each other. Surprise your spouse at work for a lunch break and sneak off to a motel.  Explore different discreet places to get intimate outside of your bedroom. Don’t be scared to use your imagination. The sky is the limit!



1) Engage in non-sexual intimate touch

Go for a walk while holding hands. Greet your partner with an unexpected deep kiss when you see them.  Stare into his/her eyes just because. Sneak up on your wife and give her a long, deep hug and kiss on the neck from behind as she makes dinner. Say nothing afterwards. Let your actions speak louder than your words in expressing your deep desire for your mate.



Extra) Take a bath together

Run a warm bubble bath with flower petals and pop a bottle of wine. Or join your spouse in the hot, steamy shower as he/she gets ready for work. He/she’ll be a happy camper at work with thoughts of you for the rest of the day.  Enough said! 😉

What tips work for you to keep things exciting and fresh? Do share!


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