Top 7 secrets to getting in the best shape of your life

Top 7 Secrets to Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life

7) Watch for hidden sugars

Sugar, when digested, causes the body to produce insulin. Insulin activates the storage of fats. So, more sugar means more body fats. Sugar is also directly linked to obesity and diabetes. Staying away from sugar is tough, but it’s worth the effort if you truly want to get the best shape of your life. Get in the habit of checking the ingredients label before munching on foods. Keep an eye out for hidden sugars like sucrose and fructose on the labels.  Also, many carbohydrate rich foods are converted to sugars also like yams, rice, bread, pastries, etc and can wreak havoc on your waistline.  Opt for green tea in the mornings instead of sugar-laden hot chocolate. Opt for healthy, fiber-rich fruits like oranges or fruit sorbet for those sugar cravings for dessert instead of calorie-ridden pastries or cakes.  Like most things in life, exercising moderation is key when dealing with sugars.  In this instance, less is more.

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6) Try new exercises…

…like Yoga. Yoga consists of deep stretching and meditation for about 15-20 minutes. Yoga makes the body limber and flexible. Yoga also relieves stress and reduces chances of injury to the body. If practiced daily, it can make you feel younger and livelier. A few consistent weeks of yoga can help you get the best shape of your life. Yoga is actually easy to do. Lots of videos and materials are available online to guide a beginner.  There are even free Yoga videos on YouTube. With just a few tips, you could be on your way to getting into the best shape of your life!

5) Avoid processed foods & drinks

Unfortunately for us, despite their sweet taste, snacks and soft drinks are fattening. Those tasty snacks are processed foods rich in sugars that eventually causes fat build up in the body. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, you have to stay away from munching those tasty midnight snacks. Sugar-laden soft drinks like Coke and Fanta are very rich in sugars and are no exception to worsening belly fat. Did you know that a bottle of coke has the equivalent of about 12 cubes of raw sugar? Imagine licking 12 cubes of raw sugar next time you enjoy that bottle of chilled coke. Not worth it is it? Instead try chilled water with a slice of orange, lemon or any fruit to flavor the water. Sparkling water also is better than mixed drinks or soft drinks.

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4) Your best friend is…

…water! We have all heard this before. We all drink water daily but many of us do not really know the importance. A little known secret is that drinking more water can help you to get the best shape of your life. Water not only aids digestion but it also allows detoxification. Water is a universal solvent that helps in cleansing and flushing the body. Drinking plenty water helps to hydrate and nourish the body. When the body is more hydrated, metabolism takes place faster i.e. a high metabolism allows you to burn calories even when you are not working out. Thirst can masquerade as hunger making you take in more calories and put on more fat. If you feel hungry try a glass of water before you eat something.  You may find that you were just thirsty. Additionally, filling up with water before each meal sends signals to your brain that you are not that hungry and you’ll end up eating less food at each meal which will work wonders for your waistline.  Experts recommend taking about 2-3 litres of water daily for normal full body function. Drinking plenty water always is actually one of the ways to lose weight without exercise. Discover the Top 7 Ways To Burn Calories Without A Sweat.
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3) Try Super Salads

Got those serious midday or end of day hunger pangs? Instead of indulging in a huge plate of carb-laden rice or pounded yam, try a power salad!  They are quite easy to make, cheap and fill you up without the extra calories! A power salad can consist of any nuts, protein and fruits of your choice on a bed of greens. A great example would be a handful of peanuts, an orange, some grilled or baked fish or chicken on a bed of lettuce or spinach. You can even substitute the lighter tomato stew (usually eaten with rice) instead of fat-laden salad dressing.  Alternatively, instead of having pounded yam and soup, skip the pounded yam and just have a bowl of your favorite soup. You’ll have a light meal that fills you up without all the heavy calories getting you closer to getting in the best shape of your life.

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2) Excercise portion control

This is simple! Watch the amount of food you eat. The more plates you empty, the more calories you are consuming. If you always eat until you are full then the best shape of your life will elude you. Stop eating before you are full. Practice leaving a small amount of food on your plate each time.  That way you train yourself to get comfortable stopping eating when you are full as opposed to when you have cleaned your plate.  Eat just enough to sustain your body energy need to avoid excess being stored as fat. Portion control is one of the Top 7  Secrets T Filling Up Without The Extra Calories. Also, when you overeat, you tend to feel lazy and sleepy. Sleeping immediately after a meal is a major source of fat building in the body.

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1) Start an active hobby

One of the easiest ways of getting the best shape of your life is by adopting an active hobby. It can get pretty boring walking on the treadmill everyday. Instead, adopting an active hobby will allow you to lose weight and tone up while doing something you enjoy. Consider lawn tennis, basketball, dancing, cycling, or swimming. Once you enjoy the hobby you will make out time for it. Once you stick to it and become consistent, you’ll be amazed about how much calories you will burn while having fun. During exercise, the body burns unused calories previously stored as fats in the body. Exercise does not only help to get the best shape of your life, it also promotes a healthy heart and staves off chronic disease like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Have fantastic tips on fitness and exercise that has worked for you? Check out our forum and share your ideas!

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