Filling up Without the Extra Calories

Top 7 Secrets to Filling up Without the Extra Calories


7) Water is your friend

The stomach is like an inflatable ball and will keep stretching if you continue to eat. After it reaches full capacity, the brain tells the body to stop regardless of how little or how much you have actually eaten. To trick the brain into thinking you are stuffed, fill up on water.  It is recommended that you drink a glass of water before you eat and continue to sip water throughout the meal. Also foods that are water-based such as soups, salad, vegetables and fruits also fill the stomach without adding an extra amount of calories.



6) So is fiber

Fiber helps draw out water from the body and the food ingested and transports it to the intestinal tract. This achieves the feeling of an end-of-the-meal satisfaction. Fiber also makes you feel full for longer as it slows down the nutrient absorbing process.Taking an extra 6 grams of fiber such as soluble flaxseed with yogurt can help you feel full in the same way a 260-calorie meal would. Examples of fiber rich foods include most beans, guava, barley, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes, avocado, etc.  A daily dose of fiber is ideal for remaining full and thwarting hunger pangs throughout the day. Just be sure to always follow your fiber-rich dish with a glass of water to prevent constipation.


5) Pack in Protein

Protein is the fuel needed to grow muscles but it can also raise the peptide level, which is a synthesized amino acid, in the stomach. Peptides are responsible for sending signals to the brain indicating it feels full. The protein count in each meal should be 20 to 40 grams for a power-packed fulfilling banquet. Protein-rich dishes include egg whites, fish, chicken, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. For more ideas, check out these list of protein sources.





4) Savor the Flavor

Fight back the urge to devour meals quickly when you are hungry. Savor each bite by thoroughly chewing it and receiving the full sensory experience. This way you can feel full on a smaller portion of food. Research shows that chewing food longer helps people eat less. Sippable food such as fruit smoothies and milkshakes are calorie-dense and are poor, sugar-laden replacements for an ideal low-carb, high-protein, high-fiber meal.


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3) Trick Yourself into Eating Less

When it comes to food you can’t trust your gut. A study at Cornell University showed that people whose bowls were continuously refilled with soup ate more than those whose did not and both reported feeling the same amount of satiation. This tells us that sensory cues play a major role in feelings of fullness. Therefore it is recommended that you use smaller, darker plates and only dish a small amount and store the rest. The visual cue from the clean plate will trick you into believing you’ve had enough and the leftovers hidden away in the fridge will not tempt you into eating more.


woman with remote

2) Ditch the Distractions

What holds your attention during a meal? Studies show you’re more likely to consume more food if you are distracted by activities such as music, television, books or surfing the web. A distracted brain interrupts the signals received from the stomach and does not know when to stop. It is also harder to track the amount of calories you have eaten when you are not paying attention. To feel full earlier, ditch the distractions and enjoy your meal.


1) Choose Healthier Snacks

If you eat nutrient-rich meals you won’t feel the urge to snack unnecessarily between meals. However, if you do find your stomach growling hours before lunch or dinner plan to have healthy snack options readily available to avoid bingeing on junk. High-protein, high-fiber snacks to keep handy include include almonds, beef jerky, turkey jerky, grilled chicken, boiled egg whites or cottage cheese. It is also important to keep your snacks under 200 calories to stave off the pounds.

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