Top 7 secrets to make a 6 figure salary with a low paying college degree

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7) Apply to medical school

I happened to have graduated with a degree in English, one of the lowest paying college degrees. My first major was biochemistry but I switched to English because I enjoyed it so much. I knew I wanted to apply to medical school so I took all the pre-medical school prerequisites and the MCAT in addition to my English degree. Thankfully, I now make a six-figure salary as a doctor. And I still get to do my writing to boot! US medical schools accept applicants with any undergraduate degree. It does not necessarily need to be in the sciences.  In fact, many medical schools these days seek out applicants with backgrounds in the humanities as they have found these applicants tend to relate to patients well.  If you choose to go this route, just make sure that you get excellent grades in the pre-medical prerequisites and do well on the MCAT.  If you don’t have time or resources to apply for medical school, nursing specialties like CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) or certified nurse practitioners have good potential to make a six figure salary depending on where you work. Like medical school, nursing schools also accept any major.


Law school

6) Apply to law school

Many law specialties offer opportunities for generous compensation. Like medical school, US law schools accept applicants with any undergraduate major. They just have to prove they can handle a rigorous course load and do well.  They also have to take and do well on the LSAT.




5) Get an MBA (Master of Business Administration)

US business schools accept applicants with any college degree.  In addition to taking the GMAT, they also look for leadership and analytical skills. Many MBA programs also actively seek international applicants because of the importance they place on having diverse classes with a global perspective. One main difference I have found between business programs and medical schools it that for business schools, the ranking of the MBA program does play a large role in your future compensation potential. One could graduate from just about any US medical school and make a decent six figure salary depending on what field of medicine you go into.  For business schools however, I would say it’s not worth your time or return in investment unless you are applying for one of the top MBA programs in the country. Definitely do not waste your time or money on those online MBA programs!


own business


See “Top 7 lowest paying college degrees” for more information!

See “Top 7 highest paying college majors 2016-2017” for more information!


4) Start your own business

A low-paying college degree can go a long way if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s all about what you do with it. The sky is the limit in terms of compensation if you start your own business.  If you have a culinary arts degree, think of starting your own restaurant.  If you majored in graphic design think of providing freelance services on websites like Fiverr or Upwork.  If you majored in music you could start your own music studio or teach music courses online.  If you were a psychology major, you could start your own counseling services company in whatever niche you are interested. (Note that many successful counselors tend to have a masters or PhD in psychology).  The possibilities are endless. Get creative! Use what you have to get what you want. After you’ve run your company for a few years you always have the option of getting further executive training to make it more profitable.


phone computer


3) Work with a consulting firm

In my first year after university and while I applied for medical school, I worked for a year with a consulting company.  I did electronics and high-tech consulting work in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom in the early 2000s. (Of all the things to do with an English degree!)  Because these companies offer many kinds of consulting work, they allow you to pick any area you would like to work in (from fashion design and entertainment to technology fields). And they train you. This experience worked well for me. In addition to paying a fairly decent starting salary, it allowed me to work with really smart folks, gave me exposure to working in Corporate America as well as opportunities to travel.  Major consulting companies accept just about any college major. You just have to have excellent grades.  Many of these companies, like Accenture and Deloitte are international companies and actively recruit in Africa, Europe, etc.  Some of my co-workers moved on to professional school afterwards but many stayed on with the company and are now making a six figure salary.


consulting words


2) Provide your own consulting services

Just like starting your own business, you can offer your own consulting services. Who knows more about early childhood education or graphic design than one who majored in it. I’m not an expert in the consulting field by any means.  However, my recommendation would be to get some good experience in your area of expertise. Preferably with a reputable company.  That way when you break off to offer your own consulting services you have some value and experience you bring to the table when negotiating with your clients.




1) Start your own blog

In today’s world you can blog on just about anything. You’ll always find readers interested topics like early child development, art, music, or any of the not so highly compensated college majors.  Many bloggers do it for fun or leisure but for some its a full-time job and they make a decent six figure salary.  It can take time, sometimes years, to make a decent living on blogging alone.  You’ll likely have to have another job to pay the bills until your blogging starts to become more lucrative. Sites like have been helpful to new bloggers, like myself, in getting things started.

Have you made a success with one of these majors? Share your story!


See “Top 7 lowest paying college degrees” for more information!

See “Top 7 highest paying college majors 2016-2017” for more information!

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