power couples who stay toghether

Top 7 Secrets of Power Couples Who Stay Together

7) They prioritize making time together

Relationships can be quite intimidating at times. They need utmost attention to avoid any problems. However, the stakes are much higher in case of power couples that live in the spotlight. These couples have mastered the art of prioritizing and maintaining a balance. They make conscious efforts to prioritize their relationship over their workload or celebrity. Even if it means getting on each other’s calendar. They learn how to turn off their work life when they are spending time with their significant other. They know they have to make time for each other or their relationship will suffer.  They make it a point not to miss out on important occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. Nothing is more important than their relationship. They show this in how they prioritize.



6) They don’t take each other for granted

Many power couples never progress past the first few months because they fail to acknowledge this simple point. Like any other couple, power couples face relationship challenges after the initial honeymoon period.  The only difference is the strain of the media (if they are celebrities) or the demands of their careers can place undue pressures of their relationship.  This can exponentially increase the strain on their relationship if they allow it. Power couples that stay together never allow their status go to their head.  They value their partner and continually make an effort to show it. They value their partners for true love and not just for their accomplishments, fame or money.



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5) They spend time doing good together

Voluntary work instills a sense of compassion and gratitude in a person’s life. You start looking at the world through a new perspective that is beyond the glam and glitter. Last year Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Chan launched a philanthropic LLC, the Chan Zuckerberg initiative together. Also Bill and Melinda Gates have overseen their own foundation together since 2000. Power couples share a common goal towards giving back to the society.  They work together to achieve it. Having shared principles about a common philanthropic objective adds purpose and strength to any power couples’ relationship.

4) They keep it real, no matter what

In any power couple relationship, listening to your partner in times of need and empathizing with them is quite imperative. Power couples tend to listen to each other’s concerns without passing on judgments. This lifts a heavy burden off their partner resulting in a greater trust between the two. Instead of trying to fix every problem with their money or fame, they try to offer support by being a genuine listener.

power couples


3) They express appreciation

Compliments may seem trivial at times however their impact can be quite everlasting. Power couples such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel express appreciation for each other in interviews and award shows. These small moments of appreciation build their bond even stronger and certainly makes the audience go “Aww”. Words of appreciation and love help ignite the flame of affection between these power couples. Even celebrities need to feel appreciation too.


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2) They support each other fully

Supporting your partner in times of need is essential to keeping any relationship sound. Power couples tend to support each other at all costs despite facing any criticism by the public. They would stand by their partner even if that means taking turns and showcasing an unacceptable reputation of themselves to the world. They would go all out for their partner even if it diminisehes their spotlight.

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1) Follow their own dreams

As a power couple, having respect for your partner’s views and ideologies is vital. Power couples don’t force anything on each other. They have their own goals and aspirations and don’t let it interfere with their relationship. They find common ground in respecting and supporting their partner goals. Showing interest in your partner’s passion instills confidence in them to pursue their dreams. Power couples, regardless of their professions, respect each other’s independence and career choices. They encourage the other to strive for the best.

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