Freshen your home

Top 7 Secret, Inexpensive, Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

7) Reframe Your Pictures Or Art

Switching up the frames of your old pictures or artwork is a great, inexpensive way to freshen up your home. Changing the location of the pictures or art can also have the same effect. Experts suggest leaving one blank wall in your house where visitors can rest their eyes. One could make picture reframing a fun, relaxing family activity in the summer. For more, check out  Top 7 Awesome Ways To Relax This Summer.

6) Space Out Your Shelf Display

Rearrange your shelf to create space for other interesting items. Unpack books and space out decorations. Such efforts can freshen up a room quickly and easily without a lot of hassle.

5) Declutter

Decluttering is likely the best way to quickly freshen up any home. Take a moment and rearrange old coupons, bills, stray pens, stick notes, empty boxes, etc. You could use a decorative mug to gather the stray pens and pencils. Instead of storing old paper bills or receipts, get an app that will do that for you.  Take pictures of documents you don’t need now but don’t want to throw away. Create a file to save them online. You can even create categories for each document that will allow you to easily find them. Genius scan PDF scanner app for your phone is a great option for this. Moving your loose papers to a digital format also saves valuable time. For more on time management, check out  Top 7 Brilliant Ways To Save Time.

freshen up your home


4) Rearrange Or Re-upholster Your Pillows

Throw pillows, when used strategically, can revive an old tired sofa or a neglected arm-chair adding a quick pick-me-up to any home. Try upholstering your old throw pillows with new fabric. This is an easy way to perk up a room without spending thousands on renovations. With a few pillows, you could turn your plain bedroom into a five-star hotel suite.

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3) Bright White Towels Work Wonders…

Beautiful and bright white towels can easily brighten up a dark bathroom or kitchen. Exquisite hotels make a statement with white towels in their bathrooms. You can freshen up your home with collections of beautiful white towel designs. Hang them neatly in a guest restroom or powder room.  Bright white towels depict freshness, cleanliness and neatness which can be very calming and relaxing.

freshen up your home

2) Set The Table

Nothing beats a well-laid dining table just before meals. A set table creates an inviting atmosphere that freshens up any home. Get rid of all the toast crumbs and the pile of junk mail littered on the dining table. Invest in a unique or even a plain white table-cloth for your dinning table. You can add a flower vase with a single seasonal flower for a flawless finish.

1) Retire Old Books & Magazines

We are often in the habit of stacking old magazines and books hoping to read them some day. If you’ve flipped through any of them in the past year, chances are you may never read them again. Recycle old magazines, donate old books to the public library or your kid’s school/university library. Doing away with old magazines or books will instantly freshen up your home in the best way.

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