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Top 7 most profitable online businesses you can start tomorrow

7) Online Teaching

Have a knack for teaching? Can you teach subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture or Psychology? What about lifestyle topics like relationship advice, teaching a musical instrument or counseling services?  If so, online teaching may work for you. People are always looking for online teaching services. Those who can’t afford to hire an after-school teacher actively seek tutors online. You can make videos and post to YouTube or your own website to earn money.  You can even set up your own podcasts on lifestyle services like marriage advice, etc.  Just pick a topic you are comfortable with and run with it! Check out www.TakeLessons.com to get started!

6) Writing Projects

Not good at talking but have excellent writing skills? Even better! There are a number of online freelance companies where you can offer your writing services for projects like assignments, reports, articles, blogs and other writing tasks to get done by people with good writing skills. They pay well for it and the best part is you can work from home at any time that is convenient for you. Start working and once you get established you may hire others to support your work and to share the load. Check out sites like www.freelancer.com to get started on your freelance writing career!




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5) Online selling

Think about creating an online store and reaching clients in any part of the world through it.  Instead of taking on the extra costs and hassles of setting up a brick and mortar local shop, take the easier, more lucrative route of setting up an online store.  If you have a knack for creating hand-made jewelry, artwork, etc you can earn good money selling your work with online stores. Better yet, if you aren’t creative with your hands and don’t make arts and craft but know folks who do but aren’t internet savvy, you can help them sell their stuff online for a commission. Check out sites like Etsy.com or Artfire.com which offer an excellent platform to make money selling arts, crafts, jewelry, etc online to an international community.

4) Website Design

Simply put, web design is the process of creating websites. Although there are many techniques involved including graphic design, webpage layout, content production etc. if you are good at these techniques then you can definitely make website design a lucrative venture for you. There is a daily need for well-made websites.  Teaching yourself to make a website can be done in just a few hours. The best part is it doesn’t require a college degree so you can do this from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection; a small investment for big opportunities! Check out WordPress.org to get started today!

3) SEO Consultant

‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO are techniques used to grow visibility and drive search engine traffic to a website. SEO increases the ranking of websites on search engines like Google and Bing which in turn increases business for these websites. You do have to take the time to learn SEO and keep up with Google and search engine trends.  However, once mastered SEO consulting can become quite a lucrative online business opportunity which you can charge monthly for since most companies need SEO services for 6-12 months at a time.

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2) App development

There’s an app for just about everything.  And today more than ever, it’s easy to learn how to create an app and start making money right away.  The ever-increasing app world still has a lot of potential. App builders are earning a lot. You just need to have an idea and the knowledge of app building to be on your way to making a profit. Check out sites like www.ibuildapp.com to get started.

1) Start a blog

I’m obviously speaking from experience.  If you have an area you are interested in, you can set up a domain name and a  WordPress website for free and start blogging about it.  If you have enough followers you can sell ads on your website or become an affiliate marketer i.e. reccomend products and services in your blog and get a kickback fee.  Why not get paid for blogging about topics you enjoy! Check out websites like www.problogger.com for more tips on making money with your blog.

What online businesses have worked well for you.  Sharing is caring!

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