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Top 7 Life Lessons In A Note To My 21-Year-Old Self

Educate Yourself. Dreze Top 7

7) Educate Yourself

Give yourself something no one else can take away; the best education you can afford. Don’t end your education after secondary school and university. The most valuable thing you will learn in formal education is not what but how you learn. You will learn that you just happen to be an audio and visual learner. Use this knowledge to become a better life-long student.  Educate yourself in every way, everyday. Read constantly. About anything. If you have a question, go straight to Google and to books.  Try listening to audio books to get through them quicker.  You will always be growing and will reach your God-given potential the more you continue to educate yourself.


 6) It’s ok to fail

You are your own worst critic. Which can be good. And bad. You can be so hard on yourself. Know that failure is not the end of the world.  True failure is never bothering to get back up and try again. Many things in life will not go the way you plan.  Let this be ok with you.  Try your best and leave the rest to God. Every setback is a stepping stone not a stumbling block if you allow it to be. You are young and now is the time to take risks and train yourself to learn from them.  You will reach your wildest dreams the more you learn from the mistakes you make.

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 5) Learn to love yourself

You spent the greater part of your 20s trying to lose weight and look like a model. The funny thing is you were not even overweight! What a waste!  Your body is at its peak now. Enjoy it. Don’t waste time trying to look like someone else. Especially just so others will accept you. Don’t compare yourself to others. You won’t have thin thighs like a runway model, washboard abs, curves like Beyoncé or a butt like Kim Kardashian. This should be ok with you. Appreciate the features you have that make you special. Write down the Top 7 things you love about yourself and read it everyday. Excercise and eat right for good health.  Learn how to take care of your body in a healthy way. It is only when you learn to love yourself completely that you can receive and demand true love and acceptance from others.  Appreciate yourself mind, body and spirit wholeheartedly and without reserve.

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4) Friends will come & go…

…and let this be ok with you.  Many people you know now will only be a pigment of your imagination by the time you hit 30. Your priorities will change. The universe puts people in your life for a reason.  More than likely, it’s to learn something no one else can teach you.  Learn as much as you can about love, life, sacrifice, anything from people you meet.  Most will just be acquaintances. Some will be good friends and be there for a short while.  Very few will stick with you as you get older. Cut yourself off from negative people. Seek out and be close to positive, inspiring people. Protect your heart from those who don’t appreciate all of you. Be the best friend you can be to them and expect the same.



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3) Don’t try to change people

You may not realize it now but life is short.  There are billions of people in the world. Don’t waste your precious life trying to make another human being into something they are not. Trust your gut instinct.  It was given to you for a reason.  If someone is not treating you right or does not have the same goals as you, move on.  Don’t change who you are just to make someone else happy.  They will never fully appreciate your effort and you will despise yourself later for even trying. If you want to change, do so on your own terms and for your own personal growth.

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2) Don’t give your love to just anyone

You have a lot of good, sweet love to give. Know this. Place a value on it. Don’t squander your love on people who will not appreciate it. Again trust your instincts. You have the right to pull out of any relationship if you sense there is no future. Every time you share your mind, body and soul with someone you leave a little piece of yourself with that person you will never get back. Make sure you don’t give away so much of yourself that you have very little left for that true, special someone when they finally come along.

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1) The world is your oyster

Want to make a billion dollars before you’re 30? Work towards it. Want to start your own business? Or go to graduate school? Or travel the world? Have at it.  The world is your oyster and your playground.  Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. No dream is too big.  Don’t limit yourself. You will achieve what you set out to do so set high dreams. Now is the time to take the risks, make the mistakes and learn from them. You will have no regrets. This is to you.

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