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Top 7 Best Sports to Lose Weight Fast

7) Running

Running is one of the most effective sports to lose weight fast and evenly. You can burn about 800 kcal per hour of running. Running is also good for the heart. You can try running in the early morning or in the evening. A treadmill is also very effective for indoor running. It is even better for the joints. You can take up the intensity by running uphill which adds great muscle-building to the aerobic activity of running.

 lose weight fast

6) Skipping Rope

Skipping rope’s not just for kids. It’s a great aerobic exercise for adults who want to lose weight fast. It is a fun exercise you could do alone or with others. You stand a chance of burning about 500kcal per hour of jumping rope. It’s a great exercise to embellish your waist line. It tones up every muscle of the body especially the legs, calves, thighs, arms and abs.

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5) Cycling

Looking for an easy sport that can burn about 600 kcal per hour? Cycling is the answer. Cycling can help you lose weight fast with great pleasure. You can spice it up by cycling in the woods or country roads. Cycling is also gentle on the joints for those with joint problems.

 lose weight fast

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4) Squash

This is an indoor racket sport that will make you sweat away the pounds at about 820 kcal per hour. Squash increases flexibility and strength in the back, promotes  good coordination, agility and flexibility and builds good hand- eye coordination. This metabolism building fun sport can be enjoyed with friends and family.  Discover more from the  Top 7 Secrets To Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

3) Tennis

Tennis players harbor toned and sturdy bodies for a reason.  It’s no coincidence. A good tennis game works on your figure by toning the belly, back, buttocks, back, legs and arms. You are capable of losing about 550 kcal per hour of an intense tennis game.

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 lose weight fast

2) Dancing

Dancing is a pleasurable exercise for both the mind and body. A fast dance that requires certain energy consumption is an effective way to lose weight fast. Salsa, ballet, tap dancing, break dancing and African dance, pick your pleasure. Not to mention it’s the perfect activity to take on with your significant other. You can burn up to 300 kcal per hour of intense dancing. The great thing about dancing as a sport is it’s enjoyable and you look great doing it!

1) Swimming

Swimming is a great way to workout all your muscles and be safe on your joints.  You can burn about 480 kcal per hour of swimming. Freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly… pick your favorite stroke have a go.

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