Awesome Ways to Relax This Summer!

Top 7 Awesome Ways to Relax This Summer

7) Snack On Healthy Foods

Stock up on healthy foods like yogurt, cheese, fruits and veggies.  Keep water-filled treats like watermelon and celery handy to cool off. These will fill you up without all the extra calories. So, eat healthy while relaxing.

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6) Have A Picnic

Having a picnic can be simple and easy. Pack your favorite snacks and some cool drinks.  Head for a nearby park or just settle for your backyard. Gather friends or family to come along or just have a solo picnic date with yourself. Take a relaxing nap on the grass or leisurely read a book. Breathe and get in touch with your inner self. A simple picnic can be a great way to relax this summer.

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5) …or take a bike ride

You’re never too old to bring back the days of escaping with your bike during the summer. Enjoy the breeze as you ride around. Interestingly, riding a bike helps relax the muscles for better sleep in addition to keeping you fit. Leisure bike riding  is just one of the ways you can burn calories while relaxing this summer.  For more ideas, check out  Top 7 Ways To Burn Calories Without A Sweat.

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4) Enjoy The Outdoors

Spend time outdoors this summer relishing the awesomeness of nature. The great outdoors has an amazing way of relaxing and calming our body and soul in a natural, non-imposing way. The bright warm sunlight nourishes us with vitamin D. The cool evening summer breeze encourages inner peace and tranquility. Go bird watching, hiking, backpacking or gardening. You have limitless options for relaxing this summer exploring the great outdoors.

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3) Try Yoga

Awaken and revive your senses with yoga. Enhance your focus and reconnect with yourself. Yoga uses the four elements of nature earth, wind, fire and water to restore the body and mind. You can take up a restorative yoga class or online DIY classes. Try yoga to restore stability and balance to mind and body. Check out more restorative tips in the  Top 7 Secrets To Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

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2) Unplug

Take a break from technology and the internet and get in vacation mode. Create some “technology free” time this summer. Take a break from your cellphone, iPad, the internet and even television. Even if it is just for a day or 2. I promise, you’ll survive and be better for it! 😉 Nap off reading a classic novel instead of scrolling through your Facebook timeline. You’ll be amazed at how relaxing the simple act of unplugging can be. Try it!

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1) Spend time with those you love

Relax and make memories by spending time with loved ones. Get in touch with family and friends. Go on family fun nights and date nights. Remember that life is short but memories can surpass generations. Invite friends for a sleepover. Visit your parents or grandparents. Ask them about your history.  Listen to their stories.  Take pictures. Have a mother-daughter girls’ night out. Touching base with the ones you love is an easy, rewarding way to relax this summer.

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