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Top 7 affordable summer Caribbean destinations

7) Barbados

This is the easternmost island in the Caribbean with abundant white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water that amazes tourists. Barbados is rich in culture inherited from Great Britain. This is a land with a party-loving attitude to keep you entertained. The popular Calypso music is always thrilling. There are lots of traditional drinks like the bittersweet Mount Gay Rum to enjoy. The Dover Beach has a breathtaking view with a nice and soothing ocean breeze. It is sprawling with golf courses and other island activities like surfing and scuba diving. This island is an ideal cheap Caribbean vacation spot for the active traveler.

cheap Caribbean vacation

6) Puerto Rico

This is an island within the U.S territory just three hours flight from Miami. Puerto Rico is a cheap Caribbean vacation because you can just spend U.S. bills and skip the stress associated with exchange rates. It’s 20-foot waves make it a top choice for surfers. It has clean, clear 80 degree beaches to swim in and blanched sands to chill and relax. Rincon Beach is a perfect place for surfing and sunbathing. A trip to the underground caves of Rio Camuy is amazing. While at Puerto Rico, you could catch a ferry to the secluded islands of Vieques and Culebra. The Capital San Juan, has an exciting nightlife filled for party lovers.  Plan to stop by Old San Juan for its sightseeing, old cobblestone roads and a taste of authentic Puerto Rican nightlife at reasonable prices.


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5) Grenada

Grenada is arguably one of the most thrilling islands in the Caribbean. The cerulean waters at the St. George’s harbour is graced with a beautiful kaleidoscope of yellows, greens, and blues. Grenada is actually a cheap Caribbean vacation with its array of low-budget hotels. This is a home to tasty vanilla and nutmeg. A trip to Grenada isn’t complete without savouring the great taste of the River Antoine Distillery’s 150-proof rum. Grand Anse beach has soft sands for sunbathing. Grenada surely can boast of same charming qualities just like any other Island in the Caribbean.

cheap Caribbean vacation

4) Dominican Republic

This island is a highly recommended cheap Caribbean vacation destination for someone with a low-budget. There are many inexpensive hotels to lodge.  Punta Cana, a major city in the Dominican Republic has gorgeous beaches and holiday resort hotels with spa ideal for families. Additionally, Punta Cana is not as crowded as a lot of other tourist summer Caribbean vacation destinations.  This island is one top destination for golf lovers. Puerto Plata, on the Northern coast, is another awesome place to visit. It has a buzzing nightlife and plenty of homemade dishes. The Dominican Republic is a sure place a traveler with a low-budget. It has a diverse array of affordable hotels and fun family activities making it a top spot for a family vacation.

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cheap Caribbean vacation

3) U.S. Virgin Islands

This island is dubbed the America’s Caribbean Paradise because of its sheer beauty. This island is replete with beautiful yachts moored at the harbours at Main Street in St. Thomas.  St. Thomas also has several hills for sightseeing. Honeymooners and nature lovers would cherish St. John. A city with vast parklands and amazing pristine beaches. This island is one of the most visited cheap Caribbean vacation destinations because of the rum and the spicy salt-fish pate. The Estate Whim Plantation Museum at St. Croix is a top spot for hiking, scuba diving, and a rich taste of nature.


cheap Caribbean vacation

2) Curacao

Curacao is well-known for its beaches and vast coral reefs. This Dutch Caribbean settlement features rugged landscapes with limestone cliffs and amazing beach sands. The capital, Willemstad, is filled with reflections of pinks, yellows, and blues coming from the brightly painted colonial buildings. The beach is flanked by turquoise waters over lining the powdery white sands. The underwater playgrounds beaming with vast coral reefs always attracts scuba divers and snorkelers. Curacao offers the best from the cheap Caribbean vacation destinations. You can recline in a beach chair and sip a daiquiri, go scuba diving or even visit the swinging Queen Emma Bridge and Kura Hulanda Museum.

cheap Caribbean vacation

1) Jamaica

This is by far the most popular and the liveliest island in the Caribbean. Jamaica is not only home to the fastest sprinters in the world but also a home of cream-colored beaches and wonderful dancehall music. This island is regarded as the heart of the Caribbean and a birthplace of the reggae music. Montego Bay has many standard golf courses for golf lovers. Ocho Rios is suited for the adventurer. It has a jaw-dropping waterfall at the Dunn’s River Falls & Park. Jamaica is a very cheap Caribbean vacation destination if you consider all the amazing things it offers. If Jamaica were to be in Europe, it will probably book a top place in Top 7 Affordable European Vacation Spots. So, whether you want to surf, party or just chill at the beach, you will never be bored in Jamaica.

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