“It’s harder to keep the weight off. How can I fix this?”

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      Dr. Eze

      Another question received
      “I’m 38 years old and I find that it’s harder to keep the weight off as I get older. How can I make this better?”

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      Dr. Eze

      Great question! I’ve found that as I get older, exercise and diet both play very different roles in weight maintainance. While excercise is mostly to maintain good health, to lose weight and keep it off requires active caloric control of your your diet.

      Aim to eat lower calorie foods with smaller portions. Make fruits and veggies your new best friend!
      Unlike when you were 21 years old, you won’t easily get away with eating heavy meals at night or splurging on junk food. You are what you eat. Literally! Make each bite count!

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