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Top 7 Secrets to the Perfect Family at Home Vacation

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  7) Set some ground rules A staycation, or a family at home vacation, can be a great way to relax without the hassle of travel delays, wasted travel days or time for recovery after the trip. Not to mention all the money you’ll save! According to research from the American Sociological Association, a vacation enhances your mood, relieves psychological…

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Top 7 ways to politely say “No”

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7) Cushion your response in a compliment Compliments work well to cushion the impact of having to say no. Maralee McKee, an etiquette specialist has a system that works well for her.  She does the following, a) Start with a compliment if one fits the situation b) Give your answer c) Say thank you d) Encourage the person e) Change the subject…

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Top 7 ways to replace carbs in your diet

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7) Pizza crust Ground cauliflower for pizza crust works well as an excellent way to replace carbs in your diet.   6) Potato chips  Kale sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt and roasted in the oven is a great low-carb, healthy substitute to potato chips. 5) Mashed potatoes  Steamed cauliflower blended in a food processor with butter, sea salt and a…

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Top 7 ways to age gracefully

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7) Expose yourself to young people  Children have a natural innocence and inquisitive approach to life that seems to wane as we age. Spending time with them can be a great way invigorate your mind and remind yourself how to be youthful.  I try to find time to volunteeer to teach art in my kid’s 3rd grade class.  Before I…

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