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Top 7 ways to replace carbs in your diet

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7) Pizza crust Ground cauliflower for pizza crust works well as an excellent way to replace carbs in your diet.   6) Potato chips  Kale sprinkled with olive oil and sea salt and roasted in the oven is a great low-carb, healthy substitute to potato chips. 5) Mashed potatoes  Steamed cauliflower blended in a food processor with butter, sea salt and a…

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Top 7 ways to lose weight if you hate exercise

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7) Plan every meal at the start of the day The saying is true; if you have a task, especially if you write it down, you are more likely to carry out that task. The same goes for meal planning. If you plan out healthy, low carb, meals and healthy snacks at the start of the day you’re more likely…

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Top 7 weight loss tips if you are over 30 years old

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7) Don’t deny yourself One of the key weight loss tips that rings true as you age. If you love cheesecake, rather than say “I will never have another piece of cheesecake again”, instead plan to have half a piece once a week. Portion control is key. Give yourself permission to have a treat once in a while. You’ll be less…

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